Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Things successful people avoid

This is the cancer of success. You want something done; stop putting it away for next time. Next time never comes.

Instead of complaining, do something about it.

Comparing yourself to others
This is the best route to failure and under-performance. If you want to measure your achievement, measure them against your potential. Besides, you are not a copy of someone, your dreams and goals are unique to you alone.

 Negative Criticism
This is another cancer for achievement to avoid. Negative criticism destroyed not only the people around you, it also kills your dreams, inner peace and joy. Try praise.

Denying who you real are ends up in you trying to live other people’s dreams.

Sharing is growth, it is also healthy.

Negative thoughts
Nothing comes out of negative thinking, go positive.

Non committal attitude
Commitment, passion and hard-work, doing your part invites success.

Fear of the unknown
All of us have fear within us when it comes to things we know nothing about. Learn and be ready for change to overcome your fears.

Running away from our problems
Avoiding your problems and challenges are not going to make them disappear. There is no magical wand for this, face it.

No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. Do your best and learn from your mistakes.

                         ****Best Words of Advice***

"A strong positive self-image,is the best possible preparation for success" Joyce Brothers.

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