Friday, 12 February 2016

Living a successful Life

When we hear the word success most of us think of this big- huge task in our lives, a goal beyond reach or that is how society has made us believe. I will define a successful life in the following simple steps or rules.

Believe in yourself
The first step in living a successful life is to believe in yourself. God has given each one of us the power and ability to achieve. The moment we believe that we can, then we are on the road to living a successful life.

Know your Limitation.
We all have limitations on what we can do and what we cannot do. All this is aligned to our calling and talent in life. Have you ever asked your self why all of us are not singers or pilots or architects? It is simple, each one of us has a unique calling.  Knowing our limitations enables us to channel our time and strength to the right goals in life. On the other hand, some goals however much we are talented, cannot be achieved by working alone. We need a helping hand, know when to call for and accept help.

Organize yourself.
One thing that I find so stressful in life is when there is so much to do with little time at hand. Trying to do everything at once is chaotic. The work will end up either shoddily done or not done at all. This is where the magic of organization comes in. Give every activity a time and follow through to completion.

A sister to organization, when ever thing is everywhere, you waste time and energy trying to find tools for your work. Clattered is a non conducive atmosphere for productivity. Get rid of staff you do not need, and find a home for everything and keep it that way. You will be shocked how much you accomplish in a day’s work in a clatter-free environment.  

Balance work and Family
Truth is, we all want to make a living so that we can provide for our families or help our spouses in this mission. It is the main reason we wake up every morning and go out there and work ourselves into exhaustion sometimes.  That is why family should be priority number one in our lives. We should create room to spend quality time with our families as well as our friends. Whatever we earn, let us enjoy it with our family. There is no point is conquering the whole world only to live in it alone.

Live today
Remember the old saying “Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come.”  Regrets of yesterday and worries of tomorrow are never going to bring joy in our lives. Do what has to be done today and prepare for tomorrow.

Self growth and development
Set aside time to learn something new. Keep yourself updated with the changing trends and learn how to fit in or else you may be overtaken by events.

Choose your friends wisely
Surround yourself with positive thinking people, people who have passion for life and have a clear vision.

Appreciate and treat everyone with respect
It will earn you respect and admiration. Who does not what that in life? Besides, you will have enough allies to support you in time of need.

Learn how to use and have everything in moderation. Be it food, work, exercise or friends. Too much of anything is poisonous.

**** Best Words of Advice***

Success is what we make out of our Lives.

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