Friday, 19 February 2016

Emerging up strong after a storm in your life

We all have been there in one way or another. That dreadful moment when you wish all is a dream that you will wake up from, only for it to dawn on you that this is reality. The only wish on your mind is for the earth to open and swallow you up. Of course this never happens, the reality is; you are here, the worst has happened and life must go on.

We have had those moments when we have faced betrayal from the people we love the most in our lives. It could be our parents, our siblings, our mentors, spouses, friends or even our employers.

It is unfortunate that the betrayal of people we trust the most hurt us the worst. We would all love for this not to happen, but sometimes it happens. What next? What do you do when the people you love the most, the ones you trusted your life with, tear your life into insignificant pieces and throw them back on your face? How in the world are you going to pick them up, how are you going put those pieces together into a life that you once had? The truth is, life is never going to be the same again. You have two choices; pick up those pieces, glue them together with pity and walk around miserably with a constant reminder of what you used to be OR let the pieces be, build a new life and give it a new heart. For a heart to have been broken, it was not strong enough. If you have to pick up those pieces, let it be for the sole purpose of learning those weak areas, so that you can replace those weak materials in your life with bold and stronger ones.

What I have learnt in life is that people avoid associations with those who walk around with self pity; we all want to be associated with people with shining hearts, people who ooze with confidence. We all want glamour that is who we are; it is what the world is. I have been through the best moments in my life; they have given me immense joy, they have also boosted my confidence and self worth, however it is the worst moments that have given me strength, they have led me to discover my inner self, they have taught me the value of patience, keenness, trust, love and forgiveness. The best gifts you can ever dream to have in life. It is through the worst moments of my life that I have re-discovered my true-self, my potential and what I am capable of.

My dear friend and reader, do not be afraid of challenges, never be afraid of people who break your heart or life. Proudly pick those pieces  and make something new, stronger and fabulous out of it. Do not worry if those pieces cannot be picked up, all you need is a magnifying glass to study them; all you need to know is that the new heart and life you are going to build is never going to be anything closer to the broken one. It is going to be superior.

*****Beast words of Advise******

After the storm comes sunshine.

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