Monday, 1 February 2016

How to become a high achiever

Everyone I have ever met wants to be great achiever in life. We may not have the same goals, but we sure want to not only achieve our goals, we want to be high achievers in the goals that we have set for ourselves.  All goals manifest in thoughts and until we do something about them, they remain just dreams.
Great achievers have something in common; they do something about their goals by cheering themselves on.So how do I become a great achiever?

One step at a time

Remember Rome was not built in one day; take a step at a time. You are not going to accomplish all in a day’s work. Lay down that foundation today and work through it step by step. The first step is always the hardest.

Be unique

Great achievers do not follow the crowd, they do things which others are not willing to do or things that others consider to be impossible. Think of the Wright brothers who lay a foundation of the aviation industry; many thought they were either crazy or that their mission was an impossible one during their time. Was it?

Step out of that comfort zone

Let us face it. You are not going to accomplish anything in that comfort zone, snap out of it.

Appreciate others every day

The great achievers of all times are always simple people who appreciate others. Remember you are not going to achieve a task alone, especially if it is a big task that requires different technical and mental skills. Even that messenger in your office or house help back home contributes a lot to your goal. Learn to appreciate people around you, in return you will have the respect and support you need.

Stop worrying about what others may think

It is a social stigma, most of the time we worry about what others may think of us if we embark on our goals. Truth is, few people may support your idea when you start and others may think you are crazy. Why not, it is a big goal, it is a goal out of this world, it is a goal only high achievers can understand. How many people do you think will want to identify with you or your project once it is done?

No one is perfect

Yes, we are always working towards perfection, but I always leave perfection to God. Mistakes are prone to occur and our first impressions may turn out to be messy. Who cares, I tried anyway. It is better than doing nothing.

Successful people don't expect to be perfect, but they do think they can always be better.” Jeff Hadden

Go that extra mile

That extra mile always makes a difference. Try to always do better, always do more than expected. It always makes a difference.

Celebrate your small achievement

Celebrating your achievements is always a breather. It brings more energy and zeal into your life. I always celebrate my achievements whoever small they are. When I am at my lowest I count them, celebrate them and magnify them one by one. The next day, I am back, vibrant with energy to face any challenges on my pathway.

Keep family and friends close

 For whom are we working so hard for? Take time to be with your family and friends, let them be the center of your life. Let them help you not only in achieving your goals, but in celebrating them as well.

****Best words of Advise***

Always strive to be the best that you can be – Evaline Nyambati.

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