Wednesday, 23 March 2016

How to Achieve Peace in Your Life.

In a world filled with strife peace often seems too elusive to even hope for. If you are a child of god, the scripture makes it clear that peace is indeed possible. God is a God of peace, and peace comes from Him. Peace with ourselves and others makes it easier for us to achieve our goals. Where there is no peace, there are chaos and you do not expect success and progress to be born out of chaos.

Below are a few guidelines on how to achieve peace in your life.

Embrace the presence of God.
You will be able to achieve peace only when you embrace the presence of God in your life. If you have no peace, perhaps you have taken your eyes off Jesus. The scripture says, ”And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7) .The peace we are talking about, the peace that comes from our creator will be with us if we do not deviate from the right path. The path of righteousness.

Learn to forgive
Learning to forgive is a sure way to achieve inner peace. A heart that holds grudges is a heavy heart and peace cannot dwell in a heart that is heavy. I have learn through life that forgiving others makes my heart lighter, they do not have to ask for that forgiveness, i an not doing them a favor. I an doing myself a favor. The hear-ache goes away, in return you have that nice feeling like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. That is the felling of peace, that peace that everyone should strive for.

Help others.
In Learn to extend a helping hand to those who need it in order to achieve peace. You will not be able to find inner peace if you know you did not do your part when you had a chance and your help was needed. Can you recall a time when you have that inner voice that calls you to help and then you ignore it? What happens next? Another voice repeatedly asks, did i do the right thing?, maybe i should have helped, what if i had helped/ could this be avoided. It id our guilty conscious nagging us. If we make this mistake repeatedly, we will always have that guilt conscious, a big obstacle to peace achievement.

Stay out of debt.
Dept is one this i will always avoid if I can, there were times i had a lot of debts and loans with the bank and a non stable income. Those were some of my worst days of my life. I lived in constant fear of what will happen if i lost my job today? How will i pay of my loans, my debts? Will they understand?. I remember the day i was able to clear off my debts, wow it was such a nice feeling. If you have been in my situation you know what i am talking about, there is so much uncertainty .If you can avoid it, stay out of it. Dept is one thing that has robbed over 70% of individuals off their peace. Living with the constant fear of when the bank is going to seize your property or avoiding your friends due to debt is not exactly a way of living a peaceful life.

Be organize.
Peace is organization. Organization makes it easier for us to accomplish our tasks in our daily life with less struggle and gives us time and space to relax. When we are organized we are able to accomplish more as well as meat our goal. We will not have to worry about not meeting our datelines, leaving things undone or our employer or tutor being on our neck over unfinished or low quality work. We will not have to worry not attending a friend's wedding or your child's football game because you forgot about it or something came up suddenly and then live to regret not going. It is that inner peace you have knowing that everything will fall in place because it has been allocated it own time. It is that peace you have when you enter your home or office and know where you will find anything you may require for that day easily because everything has a home. It is the feeling of confidence, relaxation and focus.

Give love.
Give love to everyone, it is one thing that is not going to cost you anything but will earn you a lifetime of genuine friends, keep your family intact and grant you timeless joy and peace. We will not be able to find peace if we are in turmoil over hate. Hate and peace can not dwell in the same house. We have to sweep our house clean of hate to give room for peace to reign. Yes i know that some people will not appreciate the love you give them, that is natural, other will hate you for giving it out. Our Lord Jesus face the same fate but that did not deter him from loving us. He loved us anyway and he is the prince of peace. Do not get me wrong, loving others does not mean you give them a ticket to walk all over you, you need to be firm, set your boundaries, help when needed and correct according, just like Jesus did. If we learn hoe to love effectively, achieving peace becomes eminent in our life.

If you has enjoyed this post, please let us know. Share with us more ways on how we can find peace.

**** Best Words of Advice ****

"Turn fro Evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it." ( Psalms 34:14)

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