Sunday, 21 February 2016

How to beat Monday Blues

Monday blues can be draining not only for the day, they can also spoil the week ahead. Here are a few tips on how to beat Monday Blues.

Have some fun over the weekend.
The best way to beat Mondays blues is to ensure you have a fantastic weekend. Doing things that you love and sharing it with the people you love makes it even better.

Organize yourself before the weekend
Knowing where you are going to start from on Monday will not only give you easy go when you report to work; it will also give you peace of mind to enjoy your weekend. Finish what you need to on Friday and avoid what needs not to be over carried to Monday.

Get enough sleep on Sunday for an early Monday.
Avoid sleeping late and check in early for work. It will give you amble time to go through mails that may have come in over the weekend and include them in your to do list as per priority.

Have a good breakfast
The worst thing you can do on a Monday morning is to skip your breakfast. If you cannot have a good one at least have a bite. You will need this to boost your positive attitude.

Dress up
Oh yes, from your best outfit, smile on your face and the most positive attitude for the morning enough to carry you for the whole week. Brightly colored outfits do a good job in brightening your mood.

Treat yourself
Treat yourself to some coffee, anything that you really like. A treat for a colleague will make the day even better and start a chain reaction of not only a fruitful day but a great week as well.

                                  *** Best Words of Advice****

Train your mind to see good in everything. Happy Mondays!

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