Friday, 18 March 2016

The best way to boost your confidence.

Your level of confidence is directly related to your success. We all have those moments when we feel inadequate, which is alright, however insecurity is a dream killer. We have to boost our confidence consistently to enable us pursue our dreams with focus and vigor.

Below are a few ways on how you can boost your confidence.

Positive affirmation
Negative thinking and self talk is a sure way of killing your confidence. The best way to avoid this is to have positive affirmations about yourself and affirm them daily. I have a few of my own I can share:
  • I am beautiful
  • I am a great achiever
  • I am an organised person
  • I am focused on my goals
  • I am a great person
You can have as many as you like, the more the better.

Believe in yourself
You have what it takes to succeed, you have to believe it to make it.. If we do not believe in ourselves, it does not matter if the whole world believes in us, our self confidence will crumble. Let us take our positive affirmations seriously and believe in ourselves. Our confidence will grow gradually.

Be proactive
Let us be proactive in approaching any situation in our lives. The more proactive we are, the more projects we undertake. From experience, the more you participate, you gain skills which build expertise and expertise brings confidence. You will realize in no time that tasks which were a challenge become a habit and you wonder how you could have found then hard initially.

Be ready to make mistakes
There is always a first time for everything. I remember well my first French class, everyone including the teacher thought I was a nonredeemable case considering the numerous mistakes I made in my first year. Guest what?, I was the best in French at the end of my four years in training and this came with an award. I never did shy off from my mistakes, on the contrary I made a lot of them till I was confident enough to handle it.

What are some of confidence boosters that you know? Please be free to share with us.

****Best words of advice*****

What you believe, you become

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