Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Eating my way to health

Eating well is easy said than done. Being one of my resolutions this year I decided to check my menu and do a little adjustments here and there. Below are a few tips I learnt and would like to share.

Starchy foods.
Most of us think that starchy foods are fattening, on the contrary. Starch is essential in every meal we take. What we should watch out is the amount and always go for whole grain varieties.

Fruits and vegetables
Fruits and vegetables should make the main meal in our menu. Five varieties of vegetables and fruits is recommended for daily intake. Hard? Try salad, easy for one go but spread it throughout the day and have lots of it.

More fish into your meal, good for omega-3 essential in heart disease prevention. At least two to three portion in a week. Avoid canned fish if possible, it contains a lot of salt.

Salt, sugar and saturated fats.
Avoid saturated fats at all costs. Salt and sugar should be taken in moderation.

Be active and live healthy. A walk, a stretch a dance can save your life.

This is the source of life. Remember almost 60% of adult body is made up of water. The more the better, 6-8 glasses a day is good. Avoid fizzy drinks. Low fat milk and water is recommended.

My daily ritual. Never, ever skip breakfast. It is good for your health and helps to keep your weight in check

Last but not least. This is mandatory, in your menu.

****Best Words of Advice****

A healthy body is and inspired mind

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