Friday, 4 March 2016

Making the most out of what you have.

It is common to hear of I would do more if I had more money, was in a different company or country, if I had good friends, a better childhood, a better job .... the list is endless.

Yesterday I was listening to an interview on television hosted by Jeff Koinange. Jeff was hosting James Mwangi the CEO of Equity Bank and founder of Wings to Fly. Wings to Fly is a foundation started by Equity Bank to offer learning opportunities to bright students from less privileged backgrounds.The program has benefited many families in Kenya and has gotten a lot of support around the county. The CEO was accompanied by two student beneficiaries, a young lady a gentleman.

What impressed me the most was the closing statement from one of the beneficiaries. “Getting the best grades is but a bridge to get you to a destination. What you do when you arrive will depend on how you make the most out of what you have.” Some of us may not have the privilege of a helping hand as the students in this program, but that does not mean we can not live our dreams. As the young lady, one of the beneficiaries in this interview said, “God will use what is in your hand to make  great things happen just as he used the staff in Moses’s hand to do great Miracles.”

How do we make the most out of what we have?

Know what you have
When you know your strengths and what you have at hand, a talent, a skill, it makes it easier to align your goals and pursue them.

Align your goals with your talents and skills
It is more easier and enjoyable to pursue goals aligned to your talents and skills.

Accept your situation and limitations
Once we accept the situation that we are in and our limitations, we are in a better position to note the kind of support we need and from who.

Always ask for help
Never shy off from asking for help. Yes, we are not living in an ideal world but you may be shocked to learn how many people are willing to give you the support you need out there.

Know where you can get help from and the right people to approach
This is where most of us fail, we know the kind of help we need but we do not know how and where to get it from, ask around from friends and churches, schools can also be of help. My best ally, go online, there is so much information online of groups and organizations who offer support in line to specific needs. Word of caution, always validate online information before execution.

Never give up
It does not matter how many times you have to try, never give up. A valid dream will always burn inside you, if strategy one does not work, change course but never the goal.

****Best Words of Advice****

Where there is a will, there is a way


  1. Great piece, God will use what we have to accomplish great things

    1. Thanks Evaline, hope you will enjoy more of m upcoming posts. Stay connected.