Sunday, 8 January 2017

New Year Resolutions

So the year has come to and end and we are now on the chapter of another one. Every commencement of the year is never complete without new years resolutions. It is everywhere, its the talk of every one, every company. We are all excited to have a new slate from where to start on after all it's a new year and a new year should start with new beginnings. Well I do not know about you, but where I come from, New Year is a BIG deal and new year resolutions are part of it too. I am going to guide you on how to effectively make your new year's resolutions, that is if you have not done so..

What I learnt from last year
Last year I decided to take a new approach as far as new year resolutions are concerned. I decided not to have a big list of resolutions but cut them down to minimum. For the first time in my life I had only one resolution, one goal to achieve and it was all about me. Making me a better person. It is amazing how focusing on me made me grow this last year. I discovered a new me, or rather a me that I did not know existed, potentials that were laying unexploited and opportunities not yet explored. A whole new world opened up before me, an amazing world with unlimited possibilities. It is true that until you know yourself, you will always limit your skies and your wings to fly.

With this also comes the knowledge that it does not matter how much you have in your cup but what you have in it, if it is poison you better get rid of it, if it is wine well then call your friends and family and celebrate. Till the day you know what is in your cup, what is on your mind, that is the day you start to grow a new to unlimited horizons. If you have not yet take this reality check, I recommend you do so as soon as possible otherwise you are on a journey leading to nowhere.

One goal, one thing, one accomplishment at a time

Having this piece of information was important, I knew I had many dreams, many goals that I wanted accomplished in my lifetime. With this also came the realization that all of them can not be accomplished at the same time, one thing at a time, one goal at a time led to more accomplished work. If you thought that only your house needed de-clattering, think again. How clattered is your mind, your ideas, your goals? Reason why you should write them down, this will help not only to de-clatter you mind but help you to organize your goals and prioritize them. You will also realize that the accomplishment of one goal makes the achievement of the other nearer and easier. Make a point of picking one goal at a time, work on it, if you need to lay a foundation for another do so without losing your focus on the first one. The main idea here is to focus till completion. If you have the talent of working on multiple goals simultaneously without losing your focus, better for you. If you are anything closer to me where fewer goals work better than many, hold my hand and lets rock this.

How do you know if you are a fewer goal oriented person?

Check on how many ideas you have had in the past, how many projects you have started and how many of these have been accomplished. Do your projects lay unfinished? Do you still have a dream of finishing these projects? Does the passion of those projects still burn within your heart? If the answers to the questions above is nothing but yes, then you are a one goal or fewer goal oriented person. Re-write your unfinished projects in regard to their importance and priority putting into consideration the amount of time and money you need to accomplish them. Pick them one by one and work on then till completion before you pick another one. I know some of our last years resolutions lay in this category, do not put failure where it is not due, a continuation mark will do. And yes before I forget, we do also realize with time that some pursuits are not viable, they were neither goals nor our part of our dreams but a euphoria at the time. There is nothing wrong in admitting mistakes, be brave and noble enough to drop such as they will only drain your energy, passion and resources. Life is still good and too short to be wasted on trivial matters as such.

So what are my resolutions this year?

Personal development and more personal development. When personal development ceases, so do our dreams, goals and life as a whole. I will borrow this slogan from my mentor "small changes, big results" and work on this slogan towards my bright future. Sometimes all we need is to make a small change in what we eat, the time we wake up, the number of tasks we accomplish everyday, the way we talk to people, the strategies we employ from day to day operations, the people we associate with and we are open up to enormous possibilities and opportunities for growth. This is our year, lets rock it one goal at a time.

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