Wednesday, 6 April 2016

How to define success in your life

What is success?

We all have different ways of defining success. We may decide to define success in relation to other people or we can choose to define success in our own terms. I love to define success in my own terms. Success should give me a sense of achievement, a sense of satisfaction, and joy. I love to define success in my own terms because I believe I have been called for a special mission in life and my mission is unique. It is never going to be the same as yours, your mother's or your twin. We are all unique and we have been called to serve unique missions here on earth.
Define success in your own terms and live by it.

Today I am going to share with you different way on how I define success in my life. I hope this will help you to define yours. Unless you define your own success, you will never have clear goals and eventually you will never amount to anything.

Success is passion and determination.
Determination for me is a key factor in life. The determination to go on even when the future does not look promising, the never giving up spirit when things go wrong, the strength to wake up every morning with a positive mind that I will make it in life no matter what. That is success, but remember determination can not be kept alive without passion. You have to be passionate about life and what you pursue in life. Pursuing dreams without passion drains us of energy and we end up with false non fulfilling achievement.

Understanding who controls your destiny.
Success is understanding who controls your destiny. God has made us in his own image and He has given us the power to choose. The power to choose between right and wrong, to do or not to do, to be positive or to be negative, to go on or to give up, to be happy or to be sad. He has given us the power to choose our destiny. Once we understand this concept, then we are successful. We can move on with life in confidence making better choices towards our destiny.

Understanding that our weaknesses and disabilities are stepping stones.
Success is when we know our weaknesses, our disabilities and not let them hold us back from our dreams, it is the ability to believe in ourselves, it is the ability to believe that we can. We create our own limitations by negative thing or worse by believing what others say. The fact that your mother, father, sister or friend did not make it in your field of passion does not mean you will never make it too. We design our destiny by choosing what we believe in and what we chose to do or not do.

Counting your blessing.
Success is when you celebrate your victories however small, it is when you count your blessing instead of what you think you have missed in life. You may have not gotten that promotion at work, be grateful that you are employed, you have a roof above your head and you can afford at least a meal a day. Other people do not have that luxury. Count your blessings and be grateful.

Standing up for what you believe in.
Success is standing up for what you believe in no matter what.Standing for what you believe in is the ability to say no with no regrets. It is better to stand alone than be with a crowd with a false sense of belonging. If you are strong enough to stand for what is right, you may be alone today, but you will meet people along the way who believe in your dreams and ideas. Do not give up, and welcome feedback however negative; “ If you do not have critics, you will likely have no success” Malcolm X.

Success is love.
Success is the ability to love and be loved back. It is not going to cost you much to love, give people a chance to love you back too. It is a symbiotic relationship. If it is done one way, one party is likely to be drained. Take time to celebrate and appreciate people in your life who love you for what you are no matter what. Those people who do not care about your bank account, your beauty or how much weight you have gained in the last few years. Those people who cry with you during your worst moments and genuinely celebrate your achievements no matter how small. Those people who laugh through your stupid jokes and are ready to give you a beating to straighten you up.

Success is self development.
Success is the willingness to learn a new thing every day, to progress, to find ways to better yourself every time you have the opportunity. There is no end to how much we can better ourselves and there is nothing under the sun that is too hard to learn.When you understand that learning is a continuous process,you are a successful person. The moment we stop learning we stop our success.

Overcoming fear.
Success is overcoming fear. Overcoming the fear of what people may say, overcoming the fear of what if i do not make it,  what lays ahead, what the future hold, overcoming the fear of the unknown. We will succeed only if we are able to master our fears, we can only overcome our fears when we know who hold our future, we may not know what the future holds, but one thing is crystal clear he is already there. God is already in the future, trust in Him and move on.

Taking care of your needs while supporting others.
Success is not measured by how much knowledge you have acquired, how much money you have accumulated, or how much wealth you have, but by how many people you have developed along the way.  It is the ability to understand how to be there for others and not leaving yourself behind. It is the ability to be self sufficient, take care of your needs while supporting others at the same time. There is that aura in people who embrace and develop others. Have ever seen the look or a parent when their child graduates with honors? Or a teacher when their student pass and are successful in life, now that is success.

Setting your priorities right.
Success is about setting your priorities right, knowing the difference between your needs and your wants and allocating each the weight it deserves in your life. Family and work, both are important but family comes before the other. A car and a house are important, you must have a roof on your head and a full stomach before you buy a car. You must have a place you call home, a house and family, close knit friends to support you when you need it. You have to put your trust and faith in God before man. When your priorities are right success is eminent.

Setting your goals and doing your best.
Last but not least,consider yourself successful if you have set clear goals and you are doing your best to achieve them. I should have put this as point number one, but if you can not do the above,you will not be able to set out concrete goals. Setting your goals is not enough if you are not giving your best everyday. Do each task leaving no room for improvement. If you want help, go for it, but never leave anything undone.

Many people are going to give you various definitions about success like I have done, but the only person who can define success is you. You have to define success in your own terms and live by it. Remove all boundaries, set your mind free and go for it. Success is for everyone.

*****Best Words of Advise***

Define success in your own terms and live by it.

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