Friday, 15 January 2016

Learning to love yourself.

I learnt at an earlier age that loving myself is the most imporant thing. As my Grandfather would put it " If you do not love yourself, you do not have love to give others. You are an empty vessel."

I learnt that loving my self meant that I was beautiful, sufficient and unique. Everything about me was great if not glorious. I did not need people to confirm who I was because I may have to wait for a lifetime since many people may never appreciate who I really am.

Loving me meant I had to appreciate people as they came, accept them and learn to live with them without compromising on my values and in what I believed in. It meant standing up for what is right and learning to accept both positive and negative criticism. It meant being strong, accomodative and wise all at the same time.

Loving oneself is the greatest thing that can happen to anyone. You get to learn that what others feel or think matters less to you in relation to how God sees you. He created you in his own image, only you are you. Unique and His own Vessel.

                        ****Best Word of Advise****

"Love your neighbor as you love yourself"

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